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Friday, May 25, 2012

Padre Island - May 2012

This past weekend we made the drive down to Padre Island, to the beach house that my Dad & Lenora own. My sister was able to meet us, and we had a few days of fun in the sun. Raylee loved the beach, and it was so nice to get away from the madness of everyday life.

**Warning: This post has a lot of pictures!**

 Driving through downtown Houston

We made it to The Island!

Brinn checking things out.

Raylee chasing the birds.

Brinn in her bathing suit.

1st time at the beach!

Grandma & Brinn

Popeye & Raylee on the boogie board.

Video of Raylee learning the boogie board

My sister, Amanda, clearing out the seaweed for us. We had the nicest spot on the beach, by far.

This is what Brinn did while we played.

Here is how good Raylee got on the boogie board. They are hauling it!

We all got a lot of sun, and the next day my sister and I decided to spend some quality time together. I had such a great time, and cannot wait for some more sister time. Love you Manda.

Raylee & her pretty flower.

We had a lot of fun at the beach, and are looking forward to our next trip down to visit.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

He is home! & Mother's Day

Sorry about the lack of posting. We have been busy w/ lots of different things, that I will hopefully be posting soon. Up first is Paul coming home! I went to pick him up at the airport, and we drove home to the girls who were w/ their Granna & PawPaw. It was so sweet to see the reunion I had been dreaming of for almost two months.
There he is!!

Here is Raylee finally seeing her Daddy. Her double take is priceless. The 1st minute of this video is the best, but feel free to watch as much as you would like.

This is the face I woke up to on Mother's Day.

We went over to my MawMaw & PawPaw's house later.

I love this picture!
 Mother's Day 2012

More posts to come. Hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Visit to Kingwood

This past week/weekend, we went to visit my dad & Lenora in Kingwood. I had surgery on my mouth Thursday, and we stayed with them through the weekend. The girls had a lot of fun. Raylee has decided that Grandpa is too hard to say, and has started calling my dad Popeye. It is beyond cute.

We have a very busy few weeks coming up. The most exciting being that Paul is coming home for a visit at the end of this week. After almost two months, his 3 girls are more than ready to see him! On to some pictures.

Brinn cheesing at the camera w/ Peanut in the background.

Now that Brinn is crawling, she is able to chase down her toy cat.

Sweet baby has 3 teeth ready to pop through!

Raylee posing for a picture with Elmo.

Grandma & her girls

About to head out to church Sunday morning

Dance Party!

Grandma getting smiles from Brinn.

I think the bib is right. "This is what cute looks like."

The girls & I had a lot of fun in Kingwood, and are looking forward to our next trip to Corpus. I have a feeling that Raylee & Brinn are going to love the beach!

Hope everyone has a great evening!